After being stationary in New York for 4 solid months, depression was beginning to hit as I realized I hadn’t been on a plane for over a quarter of a year.  My feet were tingling, mind melting from lack of new experiences, and heart hardening towards my beautiful city.  Toronto was my momentary savior, quaint, close, and just enough for me to realize how fortunate I am to live in New York. 


I’ve never been to Portland, but I have a distinct image of what I think it would be like, full of tattooed, artistic, I ride a bike, hipster type and that’s pretty much what Toronto is all about; a cuter, trendier version of Portland, but with more diversity.  I had a checklist of zero on my things to do and see, but managed to do, and see all one should while in Toronto: Drake Hotel, CN Tower, Casa Loma, and the Distillery District.  What I enjoyed most about Toronto were the independent shops and modern bars/restaurants.  If I lived there my days would consist of just shopping and eating.  To sum Toronto up, it’s effortlessly beautiful, innately dull, and perfect for a long weekend.





" ...effortlessly beautiful, innately dull, and perfect for a long weekend."



E A T.

g o.

p a r t y.

Home of the Brave -  The perfect place to start a night out; with hearty portions, delicious cocktails, and a handsome crowd, it'll put you in the mood to mix and mingle.


Recommendations: Chicken & Waffles 



Fresh - If you're not into the whole organic, vegan friendly, locally produced crazed, you'll change your mind after eating here.  After nursing a hangover the last place I wanted to eat was a nearly all vegan restaurant, but they made me a believer, you can get full without eating meat!


Recommendations:  Power Shakes - Swoosh 



Williams Landing - I'm all about a well made eggs benedict, and here it was made so perfectly, I forgot about the sterile, cookie cutter environment and fully indulged in the meal at hand.


Recommendations: Cheesecake Stuffed French Toast, Eggs Charlotte

The Distillery District - Seriously the cutest area in Toronto, you feel like you've stepped into the hustle and bustle of Diagon's Alley.  From festivals and theater performances, to breweries and chocolate stores, there's something for everyone.


Recommendation: Hot Chocolate at Soma Chocolatemaker, Brewery Tour at Mill St. Brewery.



CN Tower - Ride up to the tallest point in Toronto and enjoy 360 views of the city.  Make it an even more unforgetable moment and eat at 360 The Restaurant.


Recommendation: go around sunset


Casa Loma - If you have an appreciation for grandeur and opulence, be sure to check out the tour, if not, the outside architecture and peaks at the gardens are well worth taking a quick visit.


Toronto Harbour - En route to or from the CN Tower be sure to stop at the Harbour front and enjoy the tranquil views of Lake Ontario and Toronto Islands.



The Drake Hotel - Don’t come Toronto and not step foot here, whether its for early evening cocktails or full blown night out on the town, The music is current and diverse and the crowd there to have a good time, with the multi-level space, it’s a place every type of party-goer will enjoy.



Lost and Found - Where the pretty come to play, show out, and dance to the latest top 40.  Typical night club experience you'll experience an any metropolitian area.



Bar 244 - Missing your college days, Retrograde to cheap drinks, casual attire, and crowd pleasing music, bar 244 was like entering memory lane.