Urubamba - Amazing Peruvian spot in Jackson Heights, yes Jackson Heights.  Don't let the location deter you, its worth the train, uber, car ride!


Bubby's - Now a known New York go to brunch spot, if you're looking for a classic "American" breakfast, this is where you go. .


Recommendations: Biscuits, biscuits, biscuits; I can't recommend it enough. 



Gradisca - There are so many Italian restaurants scattered throughout New York, it's hard to decide where to go, but it will be hard to find a place that offers food as authentic as Gradisca. If you're lucky Grandma will be there to hand make the pasta in front of you.


Recommendations: Carbonara


Prince Street Pizza - Can  you even call yourself a New Yorker if you don't have a pizza recommendation?

Recommendations: Pocket pepperoni square pizza

Beauty Blender Sponge - The holy grail of all holy grails, a makeup essential, despite your level of expertise this should be in your kit..


Recommendation: The quality of the sponge is important, it should be soft and absorbent.



Red Lipstick - There is a color for everyone, you may make a few mistakes before finding it, but do find it!


Recommendation:  Kat Von D "Underage Red", YSL Glossy Finish " Color Rouge Laque"

Matte NYC Bronzer - An affordable necessity. It's worth every penny you would spend on the most expensive bronzer there is.



Eyeliner Clay Pot Waterproof Eyeliner - What is life if I don't have a winged eye.  A fan of all colors, especially "Cobolt"


Mac Prep & Prime Fix Spray - Literally spray this on throughout your makeup process and your face looks flawless.  Foundation, spray. Concealer, spray. Contour, spray! Spray, spray, SPRAY!




B u y.

Central Park- A haven amongst the bustling streets of New York.  It's easy to forget you're at the center of this massive island while in the park; nothing like taking a stroll or run to feel like you're away from the city.


Museum of Natural History - I mean come on, it is the best place in the city!


Coney Island - Dispel all the rumors you may have heard, the beaches are not filthy, and the theme park has gotten a much needed makeover.  Before making your way down to Brighton Beach, be sure to look at all the beautiful artwork Coney Island has to offer.

Barney's - It may not be your typical go to recommendations, but it is a favorite! Plus the architecture of the original Barney's on 16th & 17th is breathtaking.

g o.

E A T.