London, London, LONDON, who would have thought!  London has never been a city I had a strong desire to go to, similar to Paris, or Milan, they’ve just seemed like cities that I know I would get to, cities that aren’t too extravagant or contrasting to the metropolitan cities I have grown accustomed to. Finally, because of work I was forced to explore this cultural dynasty called London, and to my great surprise, it was an absolute pleasure. Right when I was beginning to strongly miss New York, London was a perfect substitute, not only because it had a Chipotle but because of its diversity in food and people. London was like a little slice of home.


I think I just bring the sun wherever I go, fortunately, I didn’t have to deal with the dreary, rainy weather England is always clouted with.  I was able to pleasantly walk around and see the typical tourist attractions one must see; the London Eye, Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, Palace of Westminster, Trafalgar Square, and Tower Bridge.   I’ve learned what kind of traveler I am, and I only need a few hours to site see.  Monuments and statues just don’t do it for me, I love being able to say that I’ve been there, I have a more after-the-fact appreciation for such things, especially if I am not fully aware of the historical background.  Second to taking a picture in a red phone booth, I was dying to see London Bridge, thanks to the lullaby.  I get there and it’s just a simple bridge, the bridge to see is the Tower Bridge, not the London Bridge.  Why is the song about London Bridge then? How deceiving, who cares if it falls down!


Call it my New York state of mind, but taking the metro, subway, tube, however you would like to call it is always easy.  The “tube” is so easy to maneuver, I was only there for 3 days, but the amount of break downs, out of services, and reroutes I encountered was ridiculous, but still somehow it was quicker to take the tube then the bus or take a taxi. London is huge, let me repeat LONDON IS HUGE, traffic is crazy, but as a foreigner the ride was always exciting as a sat in the back of these hackney carriages with doors that opened backwards, seats like I was on a ferris wheel, and a driver with a proper accent, I felt like I was in the Parent Trap movie.  If London wasn’t notorious for terrible weather and stingy people, I would consider living there.