With a 5-hour layover in my route to Prague from Madrid, Zurich couldn't have been a better city to stop over in.  Everything is so efficiently organized, and easily accessible, it only took 20 minutes from the airport to arrive to the center of the city. I leisurely strolled around the city, only making it a point to see the Grossmünster and walk down Bahnhofstrasse, one of the world's most expensive streets in the world.


Decked out in a calf length, thick, fur lined coat, I was prepared for the winter I thought I would be encountering, but instead I was greeted by a beautiful, warm, and sunny spring-like day, which was perfect for what I deem the most picturesque city in Eastern Europe.  Separated by the serene and sparkling Lake Zurich, the paralleling sidewalks were filled with street vendors selling roasted chestnuts, pretzels, chocolate filled Easter treats, and other delicious food assortments that my young nomadic pockets wouldn’t allow me to purchase.


Good weather brings the best out in people; the energetic spirit that comes with spring was beginning to bud.  The streets and side parks were filled with young teens, old couples, recent mothers, eager tourist, everyone was out to play this day.  The exuberant vibe which the city exuded left me feeling incomplete and yearning to see more, 3.5 hours was no where near enough time needed to explore the city, but just enough to spark my interest.